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"I had Pinhole Gum Surgery. I am over the moon with the results and it was amazing service throughout. Thanks!"

“The Pinhole Gum surgery was painless and after a few days I recovered back to normal and I am very pleased with the results! Would recommend to anyone considering the surgery and Dr. Evdokia has done a fantastic job!”

“I had Pinhole Gum treatment with Evdokia. The results were great. The surgery was relatively painless and over before I knew it! Evdokia was so friendly, took good care of me making sure I attended the follow-up appointments. My recovery was smooth, and I’d recommend this treatment for gum recession.”

“Having lost my front tooth as a result of an injury at the age of 2, I have had a lengthy history with Dentists. I sought out a gum specialist as the gums around my 10-year implant recessed along with the bone to the point where I could see my metal implant. After reading a lot about Dr. Evdokia’s work, I decided to go for a consultation, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. During the consultation, Dr Evdokia Chasioti was highly attentive and she did a thorough documentation of my history. She explained my condition (Peri-Implantitis), its causes, and she outlined a short-term treatment plan for me as well as discussing its maintenance and possible long-term solutions. As time was a constraint as I was only in the UK for 3 weeks; her attention to detail allowed for the proper scheduling and planning of the treatment plan within those 3 weeks. The session with Dr. Evdokia involved a non-invasive technique utilizing Laser therapy to clear out the infected implant meticulously. I cannot thank her team enough for not only their hard work, but also the empathy that was displayed. I felt like I was in safe hands, and I cannot recommend them enough. I will definitely be coming back again for follow ups whenever I’m in the UK.”

“I just want to say a big thank you to Dr. Chasioti and all the team, it has been certainly the best place I could choose to solve my problem. I needed a solution to my very bad gum recession and after a lot of searching I found Dr. Chasioti and this place. I have to say that take the decision of cross half of the country for a dentist I even didn't know personally it was risky, but I don't regret it. She has been incredible since minute one explaining me everything about the gum graft operation and with all the follow-up appointments. For all those people that are thinking about one or other clinic, the only thing I can tell you is that a good dentist is not something that easy to find and she really is a good one. I have had no pain at all, I promise. I am not allowed to take anti-inflammatory, but I didn't need them at all. I really recommend this place!”

“Dr. Evdokia Chasioti was absolutely amazing, gentle and professional. The staff were welcoming and friendly. I got the best results ever! I recommend anyone experiencing gum disease to visit Dr. Evdokia. She is incredibly knowledgeable and skillful and the results you’ll get are definitely worth the price. A huge thank you to Dr Evdokia”

“Evie and the team provided an excellent level of treatment. Everyone in the clinic is extremely professional which game me a lot of confidence and helped to overcome any nervousness about the treatment! I was also very happy with the level of aftercare.”

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